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The Most Embarrassing Picture Of Me, Ever.

Invictus Management _20230901_092341_0001.jpg
Please Read:

I want to explain one thing - this picture is not embarrassing for the reason you may think - Yes, I am fat. In fact this is the heaviest I ever weighed in my life. Right around 300 pounds.

First Things First: There is nothing embarrassing about being overweight or obese, especially when we realize that being that way is not our fault. That has taken me a looooong time to realize. In fact, I have an entire blog post on the subject scheduled for Thursday, September 7th. As some of my college buddies used to say, "the fix was in" and in terms of obesity, this surely is the case. 


This picture embarrasses me because for years I looked at it and only saw one thing - my weight. Nothing else. There is a reason why people with extra weight dodge the cameras. It's a shutter click in time freezing us the way were are and there is no way to get around it. There is nowhere to hide. 


In 2012, at the time of this picture I was embarrassed when it was being taken. After seeing it years later I was embarrassed all over again, and even until recently I would feel the same. My daughter has had it in her room for as long as I can remember.


It is so embarrassing because I missed out on this moment. Look at my girl, that beautiful smile and so happy to be in the lake with her dad for the first time... but all I could think was "damn - I am going to look huge in this one). That moment was stolen from me because I was too dumb to notice and I was too big of an idiot to realize that there are two people in that picture and she is simply gorgeous. It embarrasses me that it took this long for me to see it. Here's to never dodging the camera again or hating ourselves for our weight.

I have some other pics of my "weigh in" too. If you haven't seen those yet they are HERE. I am not embarrassed anymore.

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