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Day 68 on the Carnivore Diet - Video Update - Highs & Lows

7 Things I Learned from 50 Days on the Carnivore Diet

Laura Spath -

I am a huge fan of Laura Spath as a no-nonsense "common sense carnivore" as I like to call it. There can be a lot of dogma in the carnivore space - people saying there is one way to do it and if you don't then you are WRONG. Laura doesn't play those games,. She does what works for her with no apologies. She has lost 120 pounds on carnivore and is inspiring as well as very easy to listen to. She also co-hosts a podcast with Judy Cho which is excellent.

Dr. Ken Berry -

If you have types the word carnivore into a search or even muttered the word to Alexa in passing, it's good bet that if you winded up on YouTube that Dr. Berry would be beckoning for you to watch one of his videos. He staretd off Keto and then slowly morphed into the carnivore way of eating when all the info on anti-nutrients in vegetables starting hitting the mainstream. If youy are interested in the basics of the diet, this is a good one.

Dr. Paul Saladino -

I wouldn't be such a fan of the carnivore diet if it was not for Paul Saladino and hist first book: The Carnivore Code. In my opinion it is one of the best writings on the subject and my mind exploded while reading it back in 2021. Over the past year though,  he has been advocating for much more fruit / honey and other carbs which may be ok for some people in moderation but definitly not someone like me with metabolic dysfunction and insulin resistance. This video is great at scratching the surface on the problems with vegetables.

Dr. Joan Ifland -

Judy Cho -

Joan Ifland literally wrote the textbook on processed food addiction and is the creator of the ARC (Addiction Reset Community) an online community support program to aid in PF addiction recovery. She is doing amazing, groundbreaking work. She is interviewed here by Judy Cho, nutritional therapist and a trailblazer in the carnivore community.

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