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Hi, my name is T.Kyle Tucker.

If you’ve never seen Animal House, It’s ok. You can go watch it now, I’ll wait. I often hear how it doesn’t age well and I am sorry, but I don’t care. I absolutely love it and always have and it’s where my nickname Fat, Drunk & Tucker came from after all. Am I embarrassed by the name? Nope. I wore it like a badge of honor back in the college days and damn did we have some fun. It pointed quite clearly, however, to the rather general state of my consistent debauchery and some reasons to be concerned for my future health. Not surprisingly, the name has been lived up to ever since, but I guess we all need to grow up sometime, right?

Well now I'm 50, married with two beautiful kids and unfortunately a seemingly never ending, yo-yoing weight problem that drives me completely insane. Actually now that you mention it, yes I am embarrassed but not from the name FD&T but instead by the fact that I have been overweight and struggled for so long that I cannot help but be embarrassed that I have not been strong enough to overcome it. This is stupid I know, especially in light of all the processed food addiction (PFA) concepts I’ve gained an understanding of over the years, but I have been saddled with this self judgment for so long that it eats away at me one little thought at a time. It literally makes me feel like less of a man. But that ends now because I have a plan and some reasons to believe it's going to work...

On July 25th, 2023,  I challenged myself to adopt a carnivore diet to take back my health, conquer processed food addiction (which has literally hijacked my life) and start kickin ass again. I have good reason to think that this time will be different. I've learned so much and I'm throwing the whole dirty mess of that shite against the wall and can't wait to see it all stick.

Like many, I have been dieting for the vast majority of my life and have never been able to be just "stable" at a weight. I was always gaining, or losing. So, I have spent the last 25 years or so somewhat obsessed and have read well over a hundred  books on health, diet, wellness, fitness, you name it. But where has it gotten me? Always, the same place: stuck, frustrated and pissed off...But now, finally, I feel things are changing....

Two things happened. 

1. I learned first-hand the power of the carnivore diet and even though I failed after two months, I gained so much knowledge and perspective and felt the best I have in years. I truly believe that this is the eating plan for me which you will see on other sections of this site. 

2. I also learned that it is not my fault that I have tried and failed so many times. There are so many devious things going on in this psycho-processed food world that I knew so little about. Once I learned the truth...It truly did set me free, or at least it gave me some hope.​ Processed Food Addiction is real and you will find me harping on the issue throughout this site. It could literally and possibly should be considered a disease itself. The Carnivore Diet is the cure for me. 

So how did I get here to create this site? A few months ago, I won a weight loss contest when I lost 40+ pounds in 6 weeks - I’ve always been good at that. The problem? The contest ended just as I was really starting to reap the benefits of a Carnivore Diet. Later that day at a family gathering,  processed food was EVERYWHERE. I thought and actually spoke out loud, "One taste of ice cream, I can do that. No worries right?" Fast forward about two weeks and it was basically a binge eating, brain hijacking, processed food nightmare. Only after some major will power, self exploration, and talking with like-minded mentors was I able to get my thoughts back.. for 8 whole damn days... and then another slip into the never ending cycle. Eat great, slip up, binge, somehow gain another foothold only to slip up again - self loathing at its peak. Total Processed Food Addiction. It's been like this for a while. 

It’s funny, when you are caught in the storm of addiction, in my case primarily food (although alcohol plays a part too but I’ll address that later), you can feel so alone, so different from others and hopeless. Trying to change for years, only to fail constantly takes a toll on who we are. I have never wanted to talk about it. I’m a guy. I am supposed to figure this shit out on my own. I am supposed to be tough, disciplined and strong. Being weak. That is the biggest fear right? Actually, I’m not sure. Hmmmm. My biggest fear is… well then came the idea. The one other thing missing in my quest. 

So it just popped in there...In addition to going carnivore & using community support how can I make myself as accountable as humanly possible? Ahhh…The absolute fear of complete failure in front of others and being TOTALLY AND UTTERLY EMBARRASSED FOR ETERNITY. 

So that is why I started FD&T - to use every possible tool to keep my ass in gear and the eye on the prize. If it takes putting my butt on the line, risking humiliation to my  friends, family and anyone else, then so be it. I’m game. 

Please have a look around the site and a glimpse within the delirious storm I call my mind. If I can do this for one year, I am confident that I will be well on my way to curing myself. I appreciate you being here. I appreciate your support and I pledge to be as open & real as I can be to hopefully not only help myself but maybe even to help someone else not feel so alone in this journey.


Thank you, T. Kyle Tucker

Read The Blog Post That Started It All:

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